Five Fitness Hacks to Make the Most of Your Workout


Think carbs are evil, interval training is a must and daily exercise creates super-fit bodies? Wrong, wrong and wrong. Fake fitness news is one reason why it’s so hard to get in shape. (Wine, tacos and Real Housewivesmarathons are other reasons.) Getting the right information is the first step to getting healthy, say Dwayne Wimmer, owner of Bryn Mawr’s Vertex Fitness, and Dan Kubo, personal training manager of Life Time Fitness in Ardmore. Here they share their insider tips and bust some myths.

What to Eat Before You Exercise

Food provides important fuel for workouts, but trainers can disagree on what’s best. Complex carbohydrates are Wimmer’s secret pre-workout weapon. “If you eat a bunch of protein, your body has to work to break that down,” he says. “Blood glucose is your first line of energy, and that comes from complex carbs.”

Oatmeal is Wimmer’s go-to. Eating it two hours and 30 minutes before exercising provides the fuel for a great workout. “Oatmeal is not simple sugar, so it takes time to get into the blood stream, and that means it lasts longer,” Wimmer says.

Kubo thinks pre-workout protein is important. “That and some form of carbs,” he says. “Portion size matters. Don’t eat a full meal that’s tough to digest. Greek yogurt—with almonds and berries—or a smoothie is perfect.”

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