Follow these tips to make your make-up last longer


It is always a good idea to enhance your facial features using some make-up. However, when it fades away quickly on a long day at work, it can make you feel irritated. If you want to keep your make-up on for a longer-period, start exfoliating your skin, so that there are no dead skin cells left on your face which can cause the make-up to fade away quickly. Also, make sure that you keep your skin moisturised, as dry skin will make your make-up look flaky. To manage the oily skin, you can also use powder puff to set the foundation. Here, there are a few tricks which can help you keep your make-up on for a longer period of time.

Ice cubes: Applying ice cubes on your face will help you shut and conceal pores and make your skin appear smoother. You can also rub some ice cubes on your face to freshen it up before applying make-up.

Puffy eyes: Puffy eyes will make you look tired and exhausted. You can apply an eye cream on your eye lids and under your eyes before applying eye make-up.

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