From Treating Sunburns To Acne, 5 Ways To Use Ice Cube For Summer Skin Care

It is that time of the year again. Warming kadha and soups are all set to give way for cooling sherbets topped with chilled ice cubes. I remember, how long back, one of my only household duties in summer would be to refill the ice trays so that we never run out of ice cubes. Come to think of it, it was indeed quite an important task at hand.

It is tough to imagine summers without ice cubes. Be it the plain water ice cubes, or the fun ones made with fruits and herbs, ice cubes are one summer staple you would find across all households.

But, did you know these little ice cubes are capable of much more than cooling your drinks. They could prove to be one of your best companions for summer skincare, too. They may help reduce pimples, sunburns, skin inflammation and boost blood circulation.

Ice cubes with milk or cucumber can even exfoliate your skin. Surprised? Here’s how you can use this versatile and inexpensive skin care remedy for all your beauty needs.

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