Get silky tresses with the right foods

Dull hair is common in the long winter months. The harsh cold wind is not gentle on your tresses and this can also cause damage to your hair. Moreover, you may not want to go into any elaborate hair care routine because of the cold.

This is also the time when we use hair drier and rollers and curlers more. All this can be very damaging for your hair. But if you add the right foods to your diet, you can easily maintain your hair health. These foods are easily available in the market and it is not at all difficult to incorporate it in your diet. Here, we tell you what to eat to get silky soft hair.

Spinach is loaded with nutrients and minerals that boost hair health. You can have it raw by adding it to your salad. You can also have it in the form of soup or add it to dishes. It is easy to incorporate thin in your diet. It stimulates the production of sebum.

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