Get the wow factor with your brows


We’ve become obsessed with eyebrows in recent years but, just like hair, they can thin out, become coarse and unruly, or even turn grey. If you’ve over-plucked or the hairs are sparse you may need a little more help to develop a luscious brow look.
 As with hair, modern brows are subject to trends, so when giving your brows a makeover, make sure to choose your look carefully to really enhance your beauty. Semi-permanent make-up is an increasingly popular option to boost your brows, as well as using products to fill in sparse spots.

“Eyebrows are becoming thicker across two thirds to the outside of the face and thinning towards the end,” explains brow expert Tracie ‘Brow Queen’ Giles, adding that a slew of famous faces have opted for this style. “Straight-across brows not only mimic a more youthful appearance; but the slightest hint of arch starting directly above women’s cheekbones adds that little something extra.” 
If your brows are struggling, it’s best to step away from the tweezers and seek professional help.
 Read on for our tips on how to makeover your brows.

Get them professionally groomed

Step away from the tweezers. Over-plucked brows can be grown back if left alone and if your brows are fair, sparse or uneven, getting them tinted and regularly groomed will instantly make them look thicker and fuller. When it comes to shaping, your brow technician should focus on light shaping and only remove a few stray hairs for the most flattering look.

Use a nourishing serum

Look for products that contain caffeine to encourage hair growth as well as keratin to help strengthen brow hairs. Try Rubis Eyelash and Eyebrow Anti-Aging Serum, which is rich in panthenol and biotinoyl GHK, and RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum, including a blend of fortifying proteins, stimulating peptides and nourishing ingredients.

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