Handy tips to help you hike healthily


Hiking is a great way to set out to the country side, away from the city’s hustle-bustle. People use it as one of the ways to test their body strength. It can be adventurous and lot of fun for people who enjoy such activities. However, it may at times impact your health too. Therefore, it’s always better to prepare yourself before you head out to hike. These tips can help you with spadework you need before the trip.

Tips to healthy hiking

There are some common health issues related with this adventure sport. Fatigue, cramping, dehydration, sprains, headaches are common during hikes, especially the one with long and difficult trails. You also have to take care of bug bites and insect stings which are common in difficult track. In fact, beware of the fact that common and small-looking issues like minor scraps and sunburns can also hinder your face and excitement. Here’s what all you need to keep in mind while going hiking.

Make sure you have the right gear

Choosing the right gear is of utmost importance to finish your hike all hale and hearty. This includes special hiking shoes which are not only tough but can also brave water, rocks and insects. These should also provide you feet proper cushioning to keep it safe and comfortable. These shoes will help you prevent injuries and sprains and keep you safe from cold feet. Do carry a hat or a cap to save you from harsh sun rays. Try and wear full-sleeve t-shirts so that cold and insects don’t bug you on your way.

Must take basic snacks and food

It’s important to keep yourself full and completely hydrated while hiking. It’s an energy demanding adventure sport thus you must take care of your food and snack. The idea is to carry lesser weight but snacks that give provide maximum energy. Just couple of bites and you should be up for next phase of your hike.

To help you sort the food, here’s a video of Author of 52 Ways to Healthy You, Laura Lewis, explaining which all snacks are healthy for hiking and why. She explains in detail that what each snack she mentions does to the body during hiking.

Take care of your and your group’s fitness level

The idea is to enjoy the hike journey rather than taking it as a challenge. If at all you feel you have any health issue that might prevent you from hiking extra distance, talk to your group. Understand if the same is the case with any other group member. You must also start to prepare a little a month in advance. Regular walks and running can help build you strength. However, don’t overburden yourself if you think it’s an impractical task for you. You will come crashing down in the middle of the hike if you force yourself beyond your body limit.

Carry proper skincare products, creams and ointments

It is important to keep yourself safe from sun as well as mosquito or insect bite. Make sure you have SPF of highest SPF level and ointments that can keep mosquitoes at bay. Sunscreen is important to avoid sunburn that can get painful if it aggravates. You must also carry basic but essential antiseptic creams that can help if there is any insect bite.

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