Heart attack symptoms every woman needs to know


Heart disease affects millions of women in the UK, yet lots of us don’t know all the symptoms of heart attacks.

According to the British Heart Foundation, more than 70 women die from a heart attack every day – but often cardiac problems are misdiagnosed in women because they can present themselves differently.

We all know chest pain and shortness of breath could mean you are having a heart attack, but there are actually other lesser-known indicators you might not be aware of.

One woman’s story has gone viral as she shares her experience of what it really feels like to have one – and some of the symptoms are not what you’d expect.

Posting on Twitter, the nurse told of how she had a 95 per cent blockage in her heart, but never had chest pains.

“I want to warn women our heart attacks feel different

“The pain ran across my upper back, shoulder blades and equally down both arms,” she wrote.

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