Herbal winter remedies to keep handy


Winters are great to enjoy food and build immunity. However, for some people it means suffering from cold, cough and respiratory diseases. And if one constantly has a running nose, sinus or sore throat, it can adversely affect both mental and physical health.

To prevent these, have a balanced diet, exercise regularly and keep the initial symptoms of cough and cold under check using some natural remedies.

Here are some beneficial herbs for winters…

1. Ginger: It warms the body and reduces kapha and vata. Ginger supports healthy circulation and prevents frequent cold and cough. It facilitates the release of expectoration too.

Dosage: Add 1 tsp of crushed ginger in 1 cup hot water. Take 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner.

2. Pippali powder: Pippali (Piper longum) is a common table spice like black pepper. It boosts metabolism, burns toxins, and helps maintain a healthy digestive environment. It is the best tonic for lungs and supports clear and comfortable breathing.

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