Here are the Most Googled Beauty Trends of 2017


Google searches have become a regular part of life for many; so much so, that the search engine releases a trends report every year to see what questions people can’t stop asking. The 2017 list was just released and per usual, the beauty-themed ones are a mixed bag of the expected and fascinating surprises.

For starters, “how to get rid of pimples” and “how to get rid of back acne” took the top two spots of most asked beauty questions. That’s not very surprising and yet another reminder that our search for the ultimate zit zapper might just be never-ending. We’re also still confused about “how to do eyeshadow” (number four on the list) and highlighter (number ten).

The “Makeup Trends” list includes a slew of looks you’ve probably familiar with–like nude makeup and feather eyebrows–but it was a product that actually topped the list. Beautyblenders, the mini sponges used to apply makeup, are more popular than ever, especially now that bloggers and experts are finding new and inventive ways to utilize them. It will be interesting to see if another beauty tool takes over in 2018.

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