How 16 Fruits Boost Your Health


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, the saying goes. While that’s not literally true, there’s no doubt that eating apples and other fruits provides a wide range of health benefits, says Lisa Garcia, a registered dietitian based in Laconia, New Hampshire. If you’re looking for a nutritious complement to a meal or a healthy snack, you can’t go wrong with fresh fruit.

Eating a wide array of fruits will provide you with a host of nutrients and vitamins that can boost your health. A study or a good marketing campaign may bring attention to one particular fruit, Garcia says, but this “can obscure the real message: Fruits contain many beneficial nutrients, including fiber, vitamin C and potassium.” Some fruits have phytonutrients, substances found in plant foods that may help ward off disease and keep your body functioning well. The government’s 2015-2020 dietary guidelines for Americans recommend that for a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet, most people should eat about two daily cups of fruit, preferably whole fruit, Garcia says.

It’s important to vary the types and colors of fruits you eat. “I recommend that most people eat over the course of three days fruits that come from all colors in the rainbow, including white,” she says. “This way your body will be getting a broad range of nutrients. You’ll also be getting an enjoyable variety of tastes, colors and textures.” Eating fruit is a healthier way to satisfy sweet cravings rather than consuming candy, cookies, cakes or similar items with added sugar, which can contribute to obesity and diabetes. Also, many fruits are high in fiber, which can help you avoid blood sugar spikes that can cause you to eat more. Here are an array of fruits that are tasty and good for you:

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