How do you know what kind of eyes you have?


Eyes are focal points of any face. At the same time, they are one of the features that are difficult to define properly. You need to understand eyes spacing and shape to determine the place of the colour and the effect it creates. Learning this, there will be no stopping from eyes becoming the most talked about among your circles. The current article is to educate you about where to start to know your eye shape. There are predominantly five types of eyes namely almond eyes, monolids, round eyes, downturned eyes, and hooded lids.


Take a good mirror and move to the well-lit location. Bring the mirror close to your face so that at least one eye appears clearly. This helps to determine the shape of the eye and apply right makeup. It is a good idea to choose a magnifying mirror if available. However, a good mirror can also serve the purpose as long as your eyes are clearly visible in it.  You can either choose to go with a wall hanging big mirrors or compact mirrors that are handy.  Choose to prefer move under natural light for the best results. If the option is not available, you can choose to go with the artificial light as long as the eyes are visible clearly.

step-2 check for eyelid crease


You should check for the crease on the upper lid, if the eyes don’t have any crease, then you are said to have monolids. These are a most common form of eye shape for the people across the world. If you could determine your eye shape here, there is no need for move ahead, now you can research about right makeup for your eyes.

Hooded lids

If you are yet unable to identify the shape of your lid, close your eye again. Check yourself if the crease of an eyelid is visible or hidden. If you find the crease is present on your eyelids, but are hidden under the upper part of your lid, you are supposed to have hooded lids. If this step helps to determine your eye shape, you can continue your research on choosing the right makeup to make your eyes look more beautiful.

Downturned eyes    

While examining the mirror, imagine there is a straight horizontal line extending through a center of the eyes. Check the outer corners of your eyes to know if they are above or below the line. If the corners are above the line, you are said to have upturned eyes and if the corners are below the line, you have down-turned eyes

Rounded eyes/almond eyes

Both eye shapes look very similar and it is a bit difficult to differentiate between the two eye shapes.  You should examine for the white space around iris if you could not determine your eye shape with any of the steps mentioned above. If the iris touches the top and bottom eyelid, you are said to have almond eyes.  You eyes are round in shape if you have a white space around Iris.