How Healthy Are Potatoes, Exactly?

Few things will make you mistrust someone more than hearing that they don’t like potatoes. They say bland, we say blank slate—ready to be tossing in herbs and olive oil before getting roasted, baked, grilled, or fried to perfection.

They’re so easy to eat that we occasionally find ourselves polishing off a few extra servings of our beloved starchy vegetable.

Which made us wonder: extra ingredients (cheese, butter, heavy cream… to name a few of our favorites) and cooking method (ahem, frying) set aside, are potatoes good for you?

To get a good answer to this question, we checked in with Peggy Kotsopolous, RHN and Certified Health Educator that serves as the nutritionist for The Little Potato Company. If you’re a potato lover, we lots of good news for you.

Are potatoes healthy?
Final answer: yes. One of the most important things to remember is that potatoes are a nutritious vegetablepacked with essential vitamins and minerals that help support a body, boost the immune system and improve energy levels.

Potatoes are considered a heart healthy food, too, because they are rich in potassium, vitamin C and fiber. Potassium’s role when it comes to heart health is huge: it helps trigger the bear-hug squeeze of the heart that results in a heartbeat.

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