How to avoid puffy eyes in the morning

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest and needs more attention than you think! One of the most common beauty problems is puffy eyes, which happens when the skin around the eyes begins to swell. It can happen with lack of sleep, tiredness and even excessive crying. Follow these steps to avoid waking up in the morning with puffy eyes:

Drink enough water the night before: Water retention is a big cause for puffiness. So drink adequate amount of water before going to bed. And not just at night, drink water throughout the day to remain well-hydrated.

Avoid junk food and alcohol: Eating junk food like popcorn and chips while watching TV before going off to sleep is likely cause puffiness because of the high salt content in these food items. Alcohol, again, causes dehydration and can lead to puffy eyes.

Get rid of stuff that causes allergies: Make sure to get rid of stuff that causes allergies. Dust your house well and sleep on clean beds with fresh linen. Allergies give one eye irritation and consequently, puffiness.

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