How to eat yourself happy

As well as affecting our physical health, eating well can contribute hugely to having good mental health. Improving your diet may help to lift your mood and ease anxiety, give you mental resilience and help you think more clearly.

And if you get the basics right most of the time, you can enjoy a little bit of what you fancy too. Here, loveFOOD’s nutritionist Angela Dowden takes us through the foods and diets that can help, or hinder, your mental wellbeing.

Banning foods from your diet, obsessing over every calorie or aiming for an unrealistically tiny waistline will all add stress, not joy, to your life. So, stop being swayed by every passing diet trend.

According to UK registered dietitian Helen Bond, many fad diets call for cutting out food groups which not only makes our diet less enjoyable, but can also lead to a negative effect on mood by meaning we miss out on nutrients.

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