How to Have Glowing & Glamorous Skin for the Holidays


The holidays can wreak havoc on our complexion. With all the heavy holiday food, stressful shopping, harsh weather, and general lack of spare time for self-care, our skin can take a beating. We bet you and your family are yearning for quality natural beauty products in your stockings this year. Why not make this dream a reality by making DIY natural products with essential oils and herbs that are perfect stocking stuffers or can be saved for New Year self-care?

How to Make a Natural DIY Face Scrub

The face gets the most exposure during the harsh winter season. Give your loved-ones the gift of silky, smooth skin with this luxurious natural face scrub recipe.

Basic Facial Scrub Recipe

  • Oatmeal: ½ cup
  • Cornmeal: ⅛-¼ cup
  • Liquid Honey: about 2 tablespoons or just enough to make a thick dough

Blend the oatmeal and cornmeal together in a blender on pulse or food processor until very fine but not a powder, pour into a bowl, and add honey to the thick dough mixture. Place the mixture in a wide-mouth jar, scoop from the jar with a spoon or spatula or scoop and place in the palm of your hand, add water, and use to gently scrub face; then rinse.

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