How to make your colored hair last longer

At the end of November, I decided to do something wacky. Well, wacky for me. I decided to get light pink highlights throughout my curly locks. As someone who has never dyed their hair before, this was a big step for me—and once it was done, I absolutely loved them.

For fear of my pink hues fading back to bleached blonde, I took freezing cold showers and washed my hair as infrequently as possible, just like my stylist told me to. But I wasn’t entirely sure exactly why I was subjecting myself to this painful hair care routine and began to wonder if there was anything else I could do to elongate the life of my fun new color.

So I did some research and spoke to Lindsey Herring, a NJ-based stylist who’s been dyeing, cutting, and styling hair for over 14 years to learn more about why color fades and how we can make our locks stay vibrant between trips to the salon.

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