How to motivate yourself to workout during the festive season?


Do you love to go to the gym even during the festive season? If yes, then you are amazing! Unfortunately, many of us do not like to follow the normal routine of diet and fitness during festive seasons, especially during Christmas and New Year. However, we keep worrying about our fitness.

So, to remain motivated you need to follow some expert tips. “During Christmas shopping, avoid the lifts and escalators and take the stairs instead. While walking increase your speed. If you do not have too much time then do short bursts of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), it will help you burn calories and also work on your muscles”.

12-day Christmas workouts
Well, traditionally Christmas lasts 12 days (from Christmas Eve to 4th of January). So, do not waste these twelve days and start practising a 30-minute workout per day. Go for a brisk walk, run, jog, do Yoga, Pilates, etc. as long as you are moving everything is fine. Do something different every day.

Exercise with your family
This is a festival for family, so why not exercise with your loved ones? Go for a walk, play sports, active games, go for family bike rides, just make sure all the family members are participating. Whatever you choose to include all of them. Also, make sure everyone is part of the plan and take it turns to choose workout for the day.

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