How to pick the best wine glasses at affordable prices?


Drinking wine in the company of the loved ones is, of course, one of the good experiences in a day after hectic work schedule. You don’t want to spoil the occasion either with cheap wine or cheap wine glass that affects the taste of nice. Are you aware that good wine in the bad wine glass is going to taste bitter?  At the same time, breakdown of the expensive wine glass may your heart too. When you are about to purchase wine glasses to complement your drinking habits, you should make an effort to buy best a wine glasses at affordable prices.  Before you tick off with the cheap prices that are available in the market, look at these features in the wine glasses to make sure you are picking the best.


Apart from comparing the prices of the wine glasses available at different stores, you should consider looking at the size of the glass, a good glass should hold at least 14 ounces, anything less than that is considered as too small.

Clear: The next thing you should look in is the clarity of the glass when you pour the wine in. of course; sight is the major part of the sensory enjoyment of any wine.  The wine glass you purchase should let you miss this experience just because it is offered at a cheaper price.

Shape: You should always pick the wine glass in pear shape where a bottom of the glass should be wider than a top of the glass and this shape helps to focus on the aromas of the wine when you drink them.

Crystal: The glass should be made of crystal not only allowing you to enjoy gorgeous looks but also because it is porous. On microscopic observation, you will come to know that any crystal glass is covered with pits and grooves. The wine stays longer on the surface of glass when you swirl it.

Thin cut rim

Every wine glass you pick at the affordable prices should have thin cut. This rim cut comes into contact with a part of your face directing how the wine will enter your mouth. This definitely makes a difference in how you perceive the structure of the wine. Any irregularity in rim thickness will distort your perception of wine.

Look at different brand manufacturer 

On reading all this, there is no need for you to be compelled to purchase expensive glasses. Apart from the cost, they bring maintenance along with them. Now you have got all the information about various aspects you have to look in for the wine glass while giving a caution to the price factors. look at the top brands like Riedel Vinum, Macy’s, IKEA. Picking the wine glasses from the branded need not be expensive. Most of the departmental stores and online stores are offering them at affordable prices. All you have to do is invest your effort to pick the right seller that offers the best value for your money.


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