How to spend less and get more from your beauty regime


As a beauty team with many (too many) years of experience between us, we’ve been given PLENTY of advice – skincare advice, make-up advice, healthy hair advice; professional advice, expert advice and reader advice: we’ve got tips coming out of our ears (and we don’t mean the Q-tip kind).

Some of it is good, some is great and some is downright awful, but we’ve tried out almost everything along the way, and these are the tips that we know really work.

Be smarter, don’t waste dosh you don’t have, and make your products work harder for you. Here’s how.


Don’t stick to a strict hair-washing schedule. If it’s not dirty and looks OK, leave it another day. Why waste time and money on shampoo, conditioner and styling products, not to mention speeding up how quickly your hair colour fades?

Avoid going to bed with wet hair. When your hair is wet it’s more susceptible to damage and breakage, even just caused by friction against your pillow. If you wash your hair at night, take time to dry it as well. Also, don’t keep hair masks on overnight – they’re not doing any ‘extra good’, and might be causing more harm by keeping your hair damp.

You don’t need to have a haircut every 6-8 weeks. Unless you have a precise style that needs extreme maintenance, a good haircut should last you three to four months. Just use a little oil on the ends to help seal damage and disguise the fact they are always going to be drier than the roots.

If your conditioner runs out much faster than your shampoo, you’re probably using too much. Apply less conditioner, but gently smooth it through your lengths with a wide-toothed comb and leave it in for longer – you’ll save money and get better results.

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