How to train your mind to help boost weight loss


Ever vowed to lose weight but given up after a week because you’re just not motivated?

We all know that the key to weight loss is to eat less and move more, but actually doing so can be impossible.

And that’s why experts are increasingly starting to come round to the belief that our minds are almost an equally crucial part of the weight loss puzzle.

In fact, a new study has suggested that simply visualizing your goal weight could help to boost weight loss by as much as five times.

Scientists from the University of Plymouth have been examining the role of “motivational intervention” in aiding weight loss efforts.

They compared a talking therapy called motivational interviewing (MI) with a new kind of therapy called functional imagery training (FIT).

In MI, you receive counseling while on a weight loss program that allows you to talk about what’s motivating you to change (i.e shedding excess fat).

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