How To Wear 1 Dress To 4 Different Weddings

With wedding season officially upon us, we’re here to make the case for (gasp!) wearing the same dress as a guest to multiple weddings.

Now, we know weddings seem like a good reason to buy a new outfit, but when you’ve got 10 on the calendar, it can get a little pricey. Between the gifts, travel and possible hotel stays, weddings already tend to take a toll on our bank accounts. Re-wearing a dress not only saves money, it eliminates the frustration of finding something new to wear. After all, men recycle their suits all the time without issue. And if outfit-recycling is OK for the Duchess of Cambridge, it’s definitely OK for us.

If we’ve learned anything about being wedding guests over the years, it’s that our outfit isn’t all that important. Sure, you want to look nice, but unless you’re the one getting married, the day isn’t about you.

So, take a note from the former Kate Middleton’s handbook and recycle your dresses. Add a few new accessories and change your hair, and no one will even notice. Whether you’ve RSVP’d to two weddings or 20, you can probably find one versatile dress that’s suitable for most (or all) of them.

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