Is Organic Food Healthier for You?


Is organic food healthier for you? We’re going to talk about what organic actually means, whether it is healthier or not, and finally discuss what foods are the most important to eat organic.

What does organic mean?

Organic food is food produced with the standards of organic farming. Standards vary worldwide, but they generally mean food produced without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Animal products only qualify as organic if they do not take antibiotics or hormones during their development.

Now, I should clarify that pesticides can be used by organic farmers on crops, just as long as they are derived from natural sources and are not synthetically created.

When people ask is organic food healthier, they are usually asking for a comparison of foods like veggies, fruits, and certain animal products.

Which leads us to an important point: 


There is A LOT of money to be had in this industry.

Monsanto, the famous poster child for evil pesticide producers, makes over 4.5 BILLION dollars in sales yearly and spends an average of 5 million dollars a year in public lobbying.

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