Latest home collection of IKEA catalogues 2017


It is impossible to make your home look beautiful without making use of the best home furnishing that is available in the market according to latest trends.  You can refer home collection of IKEA catalogues 2017 for latest trends. These furnishings are quintessential in determining the looks of your dream home. With a wide number of options available in the market, picking the one right is challenging task. You need to be aware of latest trends in home furnishings. Over years home décor has taken the world by storm, new trends in the home décor continue to emerge every year.

2016 was the year of cast iron and bold decoration, moving to the year 2017, a revival of few conventional trends which are focused on simplicity are becoming more popular.

Eco-friendly home décor

The current world is becoming ecologically conscious and the latest trends of the home furnishing are leaning towards being simple and spacious. People prefer to have artificial plants flower pots and indoor vines are ruling the home décor trends this year.  You can expect to have large Windows for good ventilation and furnishings made of eco- friendly products.

Colour code green

The painting trends of the year 2017 are ruled with a splash of green. Saturated colours like green on the walls of your room will furnish your room with fresh and light touch to your walls.  You can experiment to paint your walls with the dash green to experience signature style. Remember, the year 2017 can be a year of experimenting with conventionalism and elegance.

Jewel tones

Rustic metals and Jewel tones are likely to add elegance to your room ahead of this year.  These Jewel tones are going to bring conventional look make it a bold look for the home décor.

Boho and bohemian accents

You should also get ready to see random patterns of designs as mismatched colours on the walls of bed sheets, cushions and furniture as the part of latest trends this year. The housing trends of 2017 are a combination of class and comfort along with the (eco-) consciousness.  People turn to conventional and flexible furnishing and green will be the hue of the year bringing the nature and décor a bit closer this year. The home décor trends of this year are going to be a perfect mismatch with the combination of bold jewel tones.

Refer to IKEA catalogues 2017

In spite having the well-researched information handy about home décor trends in the year 2017, you will be pushed out with many options. Of course, you don’t want your home to be an odd man out by experimenting all the things you have researched about. Though the content you have researched about will help you imagine the home décor, picture perfect

frame can be possible only by referring to IKEA home collection catalogues 2017. This IKEA is packed full of well designed and home furnishing products. Referring to new trends in the IKEA catalogue is a key for making your home life more affordable and beautiful.