Local beauty shops excited to be working at 100 percent capacity


With Governor Desantis’s order of Phase Three reopening, this means operating at 100 percent capacity for many local businesses, including those in the beauty industry.

Revolution Tattoo and Body Piercing in Panama City Beach was used to operating at 25 percent to 50 percent capacity for the past several months and was only able to serve some of the customers wanting their services.

“It was manageable, it was pretty much more or less picking out the people that are serious, and I hate to do it like that because everybody’s really serious about their tattoo, just the ones that were really wanting to get something,” said Manager, Johnnie Rico Cordle.

Exotic Exposure Tanning Salon was in the same boat. They are used to serving 80 to 90 people each day, a task that can be difficult with certain restrictions.

“It was rough, being able to only operate at 25 percent was really tough because you could only have so many people in the lobby. It’s not really an issue with the beds itself because they’re 15 minutes, but trying to space everybody else out,” said Owner, Vicky Gregor.

But now with the opportunity to serve 100 percent of their customers with no restrictions, the staff at both spots said it was a very beneficial weekend for them financially.

“At 100 this weekend, we were slammed busy, just moving through everything man. The fellas were making great money,” said Cordle.

“A hundred percent feels awesome because we don’t really have to try to finagle everybody else around and try to make room and only have two or three people in the lobby at a time,” said Gregor.

Not only are they happy to serve everyone coming in, but they are able to get back on their feet financially.

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