Music gyms are the latest self-care trend

Learning to play a musical instrument is up there with learning French: sure, it’d be nice, but it generally stays on your “should do” list under a pile of life admin and missed gym sessions.

But much like what barre classes did for the repressed ballerinas among us, drop-in music gyms are here to bridge the gap between going full-blown pro and just dabbling for the joy of it.

Enter: The Music Gym, offering up adults-only music classes in Melbourne, Australia’s Galleria center so you can fit in a class during a lunch break or before or after work.

The brainchild of Catherine Prifti, a music teacher of 21 years, the concept came about after she noticed that while many adults have a strong interest in learning and performing music, expensive instruments and costly private lessons stopped many from actually acting on it.

“I am so happy we have been able to realize this concept. There are so many people who will directly benefit from the ability to learn and practice music, whether it’s their dream to perform for a special occasion or just for general enjoyment and mental health,” says Prifti.

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