Nutritionists reveal tricks to boost your metabolism


Losing weight is not an easy feat, but we’ve got a few tips to give your diet a little boost — and the good news is it involves eating.

As well as exercise, there are several foods you can eat to boost your metabolism that will help you drop those pounds faster.

Your metabolism refers to the chemical reactions in your body that keep you alive by breaking down food into energy.

It’s very closely related to nutrition, as essential nutrients supply energy to your cells.

Without the nutrients, which come in the form of calories, our body cannot function properly.

That means your metabolism doesn’t turn food into energy as fast and you gain weight.

Metabolisms vary from person to person as each person needs a different amount of calories to survive – you can find out how many you need to be eating using our basal metabolic rate formula.
Here are ten way you can boost your metabolism.

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