Pizza for breakfast is good for you, food expert claims


If you fancy a change from toast or cereal, why not tuck into a pizza for brekkie?

It turns out it doesn’t have to be as unhealthy an option as you might think – and is set to become one of the leading food trends of 2018.

According to Jason Bull, sales director for Eurostar Commodities and managing director of Bite UK, there is “no better time than breakfast” to enjoy a slice of the tasty Italian classic.

Jason, an expert in flour and rice from around the world, said: “The nutritional value of pizza in general is carbohydrates.

“Typically, with breakfast being the most important meal of the day, you need carbs within that.

“A lot of people won’t want to eat pizza for breakfast, as typically people view it as unhealthy.

“But if you think about places like Italy, pizza is understood as a different culinary concept.

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