Professional Beauty Tips To Follow For Healthy Skin During The Monsoon Season


For a clear complexion and glowing skin during the monsoon months, these expert beauty tips are all you need

The rainy season is best known for its heavy showers and pattering drizzles but there’s a lot more that’s swirling in the clouds. There’s also high humidity levels present and this atmosphere packed with moisture can be a nightmare for your skin, especially those with oily and acne-prone types.

Monsoon climate can lead to increased acne breakouts, fungal infections and excess perspiration amongst more. To tackle them during the rains, NDTV Swirlster spoke to Dr. Anish Desai, the Head of Strategic Medical Affairs and Dr. Sunaina Anand, Medical Affairs Executive at Adroit Biomed Ltd. for their expertise in treating the skin during the rainy season.

Skin Problems During The Monsoon

The monsoon see your skin behave very unpredictably, sometimes being too oily which can lead to breakouts and acne or it can be dry and stretched at other times. A major concern is the tendency to develop fungal infections, especially in the body folds or warm areas such as arm pit, groin and feet.

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