Quit smoking, maintain the same body weight

Over the years, I have come across many who believe that people tend to gain weight once they stop smoking. For some, this fear of gaining weight may lead to a decision to delay or avoid quitting.

Agreed that if we critically evaluate the relations between smoking, body weight, body fat distribution and insulin resistance, as reported in scientific journals, smokers do tend to have a lower body weight than non-smokers and usually, smoking cessation is followed by weight gain. But, the weight gain that follows quitting smoking is generally not much, and poses a far lesser risks to health, than those associated with the continuance of smoking.

If weight gain due to smoking cessation is something you fear, use the tips below to help you control your weight. Drink plenty of fluids including raw vegetable juices. It helps provide antioxidants to reduce the free radical irritation during the detox period. Basil juice is beneficial for lung health. Also, keep sipping on

warm water throughout the day Follow a regular physical activity routine to boost your metabolism, burn calories and release the feel good hormone, dopamine. Exercise also breaks down fats, releasing it into the blood stream. Besides walking, other common aerobic exercises would include cycling, swimming, playing squash, tennis, climbing stairs, spot marching, etc.

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