Secret to glowing skin and luscious locks: coconut water


Coconut water has been grabbing its share of attention lately. It’s a beach staple for sure but it’s now on the menu of every popular restaurant. But because of its health-benefiting properties. Coconut water is great for hydration and its nutrients and vitamins help strengthen the immune system.

However, beauty experts believe that this drink has skin healing properties that can bring out a radiant and glowing skin. Applying it on scalp can also give you Rapunzel hair—strong, shiny and long.

Coconut Water For Glowing Skin

Drinking coconut water helps purifying blood. This way you get rid of impurities that are impact the health and glow of your skin. However, applying it directly on skin can make it healthier and radiant.  It acts as a natural moisturises that is light on skin and has intense hydrating properties.

However, its hydration is optimum for all skin types—oily, dry and combination. It’s non-comedogenic in nature and therefore, doesn’t cause pimples or breakouts. In fact, it’s effective for those who have acne-prone skin. It also helps in reducing greasiness from the skin.

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