Should You Stop Drinking Alcohol to Lose Weight?

For most of us, drinking goes hand in hand with socializing. Whether we’re at an after-work happy hour, a wedding, or a birthday party, alcohol is usually involved. But what if that marg (or three) is the reason you can’t shed those last few pounds? As it turns out, alcohol and weight loss do go hand in hand.

We asked a nutritionist about the connection between alcohol and weight control, plus how you can hit the bar and still reach your health goals.

Does the body treat calories from alcohol the same as calories from food?
Actually, no. Because the body recognizes alcohol as a toxin, it pauses its metabolism of other foods and instead focuses on getting the alcohol out of our system stat. The result? The liver has to work extra hard, and calories from the nachos that you ate with your beer are more likely to get stored as fat instead of burned for fuel. Womp womp.

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