Summer herbs that you must include in your diet

While all you must be looking for during summers is AC and chilled water, it is very important that you bring changes to your diet too. Herbs play a very important role in shaping your health wellness in a way to beat the heat and maintain the required body temperature, help rejuvenate your skin and your overall health. Here are a few herbs that you should definitely add to your diet during summers:

Chamomile: This amazing herb is known to reduce redness and inflammation of the skin from sunburn owing to its natural anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps reduces rashes and marks from the skin which makes it an amazing summer herb to beat the effects of heat on your skin. You can include it in your diet in form of chamomile tea or in terms of its usage in your skin care regimen you can take a used chamomile tea bag, chill it in the fridge and then dab it over the face.

Mint: Spearmint is also a wonderful herb that both enhances the taste of your food and also add nutrition. Mint is a cooling herb and it can help control the body temperature. You must include this amazing herb to your summer coolers and your favourite and desserts too.

Basil leaves: Rich in anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory properties basil leaves must be a part of your summer diet. This antioxidant-rich herb can provide your body with various vitamins like vitamin C, K and A and has cooling effects on your body.

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