Swimming is the best exercise to beat the heat this summer

Exercise is important for ones physical and mental health and being fit makes one hale and hearty. With summer setting in, swimming is the best exercise to beat the heat. Being the best exercise, swimming is the best way to build stamina and reduce weight, while it also helps in proper functioning of the heart and aids blood circulation in the body.

Harshini, a student of a Hyderabad swimming school shared her experience with ANI and said, “I came here for the first time. Till I entered the pool I was afraid that I would get drowned but I didn’t. I came here as a part of my course and am really happy after coming here.”

Meanwhile, another student Anusha, said, “Swimming is the best exercise which we can do in summer. I’m doing a course as an air hostess and that is why am here. For us it is mandatory to learn swimming as a part of our course. It is very exciting and my first day of swimming was wonderful.”

Recounting the benefits of swimming, trainer Harsha said that swimming reduces approximately 600 calories per hour.

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