The 10 Best Men’s Summer Suits to Look Sharp Without Sweating

While a flawlessly-tailored suit will be in style all year long, the fabric in question is where it gets a bit more seasonal. Think about it. If you were to step out in a heavy wool silhouette in July, you’d probably combust in a pool of sweat 30 seconds after cruising outside. On those hot summer days, a lightweight style is key for that polished and comfortable (ahem, non-suffocating) look. Here are a few more specific pointers to keep in mind.


Like we mentioned, thick wool suits are a no-go as the temperatures start rising, but thankfully there’s the option of tropical wool that’s woven with larger gaps for breathability. Also look for a linen-wool blend or an option made out of 100% linen, cotton twill, or seersucker for breathable fabrics. When it comes to the construction of your lightweight suit, unlined and unstructured suits will also keep you much cooler in the summer months.


A lightweight suit with softer constructions will appear sloppy when not properly tailored. Sure, a looser suit makes sense in theory for more comfort, but it’s not the fit that will actually keep you cool, it’s the fabric—so don’t get lazy and skip the tailor.

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