The 18 Best Night Creams For Every Skin Type

For anyone on a quest for soft, glowing skin, nothing can beat layering on a night cream before you hit the pillow. Typically thicker and more hydrating than regular daytime moisturizers, the best night creams encourage skin to repair itself from the inside out, all while you sleep. (Meaning they help heal day-to-day stress, which can cause early aging, fine lines, spots, and inflammation.) Ahead, 18 all-star night creams for every skin concern, including oil, acne, rosacea, and—of course—dryness.

Revitalift Intensive Moisturizer

The Revitalift Triple Power Daily Face Moisturizer is an MVP of drugstore skincare. The plush cream is formulated with powerhouses retinol, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid to deliver serious anti-aging results in just a week.

Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight

Glycolic acid is a superstar in the skincare world for its ability to fight everything from wrinkles to acne and discoloration. This night cream delivers the acid at 10% alongside soothing botanicals so you get glowing, radiant skin.