The 20 Best Oil-Free Moisturizers for Oily, Acne-Prone Skin

When it comes to skin, oil can be too much of a good thing. Yes, sebum—the oil your face naturally produces—is one key to glowing, radiant skin. But when you’re on your third blotting paper of the morning, you’re probably plotting how to magically make it vanish. There isn’t a hero product that can single-handedly eliminate excess oil, but taking up the right routine can reduce the appearance of greasy skin—and that’s where oil-free moisturizers come in. Below, we’ve rounded up the best oil-free moisturizers that plump and hydrate skin, leaving it silky, smooth, and—best of all—matte.

Watermelon Pink Juice Oil-Free Moisturizer

Glow Recipe’s signature watermelon extract—an irritation-calming hydrator with loads of vitamins—is at the heart of this mega-lightweight, bouncy moisturizer.

Daily Greens Oil-Free Gel Moisturizer with Moringa and Papaya

Say bye bye to shine by layering on your daily dose of greens. This oil-free gel moisturizer uses a blend of moisturizing acids and refreshing botanical extracts to give skin a natural glow.

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