The 25 Best Hair Tips That Pro Stylists Have Ever Told Us

There are good hair days. And then there are days when Hot Damn, your hair has never looked this good in your entire life. The main difference between the two is that the latter typically occurs because you had a professional handling things like when you get a blowout after a trim, or when your cousin somehow nabs that fancy Instagram hairstylist for her wedding. Besides having the benefit of the full range of motion of their arms (if you’ve ever tried to French braid your own hair, you know what we mean), there are little sneaky-yet-genius tricks that pro hairstylists do to make your curls springier, your waves bouncier, and your updo a whole lot more secure.

Luckily, at Allure, we’ve spent 27 years interviewing the top experts in the business. In honor of our first-ever Hair Guide issue, we’re presenting the 25 best hair tips our editors have heard from the hairstylists who create the coolest waves, best blowouts, and sexiest curls on the pages of your favorite magazines and on the heads of your favorite celebs.

  1. A superfine mist of water from a spray bottle can loosen curls without fully rewetting the hair, and it air-dries in seconds. —Kristin Ess
  2. While blow-drying, let hair cool before taking it off the brush. Everyone speeds it along, and it’s why their hair falls or curls don’t last. — Lacy Redway
  3. To prevent a texturizing or surf spray from turning hair dull, mix it with a few drops of hair oil in your palm and then rake it through hair. — Mark Townsend
  4. For loose waves, use the iron’s clamp to pull hair smooth at the roots, then wrap the length of the hair vertically around the iron, leaving the ends out. — Justine Marjan
  5. It’s not the sexiest look ever, but get a satin bonnet to wear while you sleep. It’ll preserve any style overnight. — Ess
  6. To smooth the back of your hair, brush it forward (over your shoulders) as you dry it — creating tension at the roots with your brush dries the hair straight. — Jen Atkin

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