The 5 nuts that are best for a diabetic person


Nuts are good sources of nutrients, as they are packed with numerous vitamins, minerals, calcium and unsaturated fatty acids. It is advisable to have a handful of nuts every day for staying healthy.

But if you are a diabetic, then consuming all types of nuts might not be a good idea for you. It is essential to eat mindfully so that your blood sugar level remains in control. Some nuts are better than others for people suffering from diabetes, so here are the five best nuts to include in your diet for a healthy life.


According to a study published in the journal, Metabolism in April 2011, Almonds manage the glucose level in a diabetic person. They reduce oxidative stress, which is a key factor responsible for diabetes and heart disease. One serving of almonds can fulfill your daily magnesium requirements.

How to have: Unsalted and raw almonds are the best. You can also soak them in water overnight and have it in the morning.

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