The 6 Most Effective Exercises to Get Your Body Ready For Spring


The weather is starting to get a little sweeter, and we’re excited to welcome in the warmth. With the higher temperatures and extra sunshine come all our favorite parts of Spring¬†putting on shorts and tank tops for the first time, outdoor workouts, and planning out our Summer vacations. If you’re looking for some new ways to get in shape in time for all the seasonal festivities, we highly recommend adding the following exercises into your routine. Each of them has been approved and recommended by a trainer, and they promise you’ll get the results you’re searching for if you put in the work.

Hip Thrust

People oftentimes mistake the squat as the absolute best exercise to grow your booty, but the hip thrust is actually a much smarter option if you want to strengthen your glutes and perk up your derrière. So if your wish is a plumper butt as we move into Spring, start doing more hip thrusts.

Jason Walsh, the celebrity trainer who helped sculpt Jessica Biel, Emma Stone, and Alison Brie, told POPSUGAR that hip thrusts “really isolate” the glutes, and they’re one of his go-to exercises to help women strengthen their backsides. Dee Gautham, NASM-certified trainer and NPC bikini bodybuilding competitor, agrees that the hip thrust is the queen of glute exercises. Make sure you’re also tacking on weight, because doing hip thrusts with just your body weight won’t get you major results.

Bulgarian Split Squat

“Single-leg squats are [one] of the best exercises,” Jason told POPSUGAR. He particularly loves the Bulgarian split squat and works on this movement a lot with Jessica Biel. It primarily targets your glutes, and you’ll also feel this in your quads. All in all, it’s the ultimate exercise to help you feel confident in your short shorts. Here’s a step-by-step guide if you need a refresher.

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