The 7 Best Ways to Cut Empty Calories


When you’re trying to slim down or get healthy, cutting empty calories are the easiest way to give your efforts a jump start.

By empty calories, we mean soda, desserts, doughnuts, chips—stuff that you eat and drink that delivers calories with little long-term satisfaction and precious few nutrients. To pare them down, you don’t need to start cooking every meal from scratch (although that’s not a bad idea.

 See what happened when our fitness director tried it). But you do want your food to be filled with something other than calories. Like hunger-busting and health-boosting fiber, or muscle-friendly protein. And lots and lots of micronutrients that come from plants that your body runs on.

Putting healthy calories where empty ones used to be doesn’t have to be a big, hangry nightmare. Just start with these tips from Leslie Bonci, R.D., sports dietician for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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