The best bronzers on the market according to Irish beauty experts


It goes without saying that here in Ireland, we like a subtle, bronzed glow.

And could you blame us? We rarely see sunshine, and when we aren’t physically on holidays on a tropical island, we need a little something to aid our imagination. Bronzers are universal in their application.

They can be used to simply warm up the face, they are a contouring hero, and they can also be used for eyeshadow; so we think they are worth the time and monetary investment.

From creams to powders and to shimmer, how are we supposed to know which ones are the best? Bronzer (though we love it) does have its precarious moments. There is a fine line between ‘bronzed’ and ‘orange’, and many of us have crossed over this line numerous times.

We luckily had some make-up experts on hand to lend us their bronzing knowledge, and they’ve kindly supplied us with five of the very best on the market right now. Subsequently, we then spent all of our money.

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