The Best Galentine’s Day Gifts Under $50 For Your Best Friends


It’s the show that launched a thousand memes — the-still-very-much-memorable “Parks and Recreation.” From the box of treat yo’ self cupcakes to getting Jerry Gergich’s name wrong to mourning the beloved Li’l Sebastian, the show lives on in our hearts as one of the best.

You know a show’s iconic when it launches its own holiday, like Seinfeld’s “Festivus”. “Parks and Recreation” gave us one created by its “ovaries before brovaries” heroine, Leslie Knope: Galentine’s Day.

Galentine’s Day, according to Knope, falls on the day before Valentine’s Day and is all about celebrating female friendships — AKA your true soulmates.

So instead of just having heart eyes for your partner this February, you and your girlfriends might get together to toast to the relationships that you have with each other. You might even follow in Knope’s footsteps and celebrate over a boozy brunch.

If you’re hosting your own Galentine’s Day this year or just looking to get your best gal pals a little gift to let them know how much they mean to you before Valentine’s Day, we’ve spotted gifts that’ll let them know how much you love them.

Check out these Galentine’s Day gifts for your best girlfriends:

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