The Best Slippers And Sandals On Sale At Nordstrom

ICYMI, earlier this week Nordstrom announced it would mark down nearly everything on its site to 25% off.

For some, the sale might be an excuse to do some early summer shopping, but for many of us, it’s also a good time to stock up on comfy work-from-home outfits, like athleisure and cute pajamas.

Whether you’re working from the couch or a quickly built home office desk, chances are you’re dressing professional on the top, and for comfort on the bottom these days.

After all, nobody sees your legs during a conference call, so who cares whether or not leggings are real pants, anyway. We’ve even spotted Nordstrom shoppers’ favorite leggings included in the sale. The Zella Live-In high waist leggings have more than 6,000 reviews, and are marked down for just $44 right now.

The same goes for your footwear of choice during WFH days. Some of us might opt for a favorite pair of socks, while others — heaven forbid — go barefoot during Google Hangouts. For those among us who might not be so comfortable taking a conference call with their feet al fresco, there are slippers and house shoes to the rescue. Consider sliding on a pair of slippers or sandals to keep your feet cozy and comfortable while you’re at home, like these Ugg shearling slipper sandals or a pair of coveted Birdies slippers that look just like your everyday shoes. Below, we’ve rounded up 20 pairs of slippers and sandals that are part of the Nordstrom sale. Take a look:

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