The best winter nail treatments


Do some of your nails get to a certain length, then peel or split? I had three that, however carefully manicured, split at the exact same point in the growth cycle, forcing me to cut them, and their neighbours, right down (always with Muji’s nail clipper: way better than any I’ve found in a chemist) and start all over again.

It’s predictably common at this time of year, when nails are drier from harsh weather and the hokey cokey in and out of central heating. This year, however, my own problem has been all but eradicated. Back in December, a New York manicurist looked at my pathetic, battle-torn thumbnail stump and told me, in hushed but firm tones

Did I ever. This brush-on oil, containing cruelty-free keratin, has been only fractionally short of miraculous on my dry, brittle nails. Within only a few days (genuinely), all my nails were looking and feeling healthier, and over the following weeks, the regular splits failed to materialise. I’m left with only one persistent peeler, but even that’s much improved.

The downside is one must be diligent – applying twice daily (over polish is fine) without exception, then massaging in. I keep the bottle on top of my phone next to the bed, so I don’t forget first and last thing (button up your pyjamas beforehand, if you don’t want oily spots on the fabric).

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