The Coolest Nail Art and Manicures Spotted at NYFW Spring 2020


New York Fashion Week stands out from other Fashion Weeks around the world for a lot of reasons: the most acclaimed American designers, front rows filled with Hollywood A-listers, and the energy only New York City can inject into the atmosphere. But what truly sets NYFW apart is the attention to detail — not in the clothing, necessarily, but in the manicures.

While a few other international fashion shows have started giving nails as much attention has hair and makeup, nowhere has been cranking out trend-setting manicures and nail-art ideas for as long and prolifically as New York. Celebrated nail artists like Miss Pop, Jin Soon Choi, and Rita Remark team up with some of your favorite nail-polish and press-on brands to create the manicures that give the runway looks a little something extra.

Check out some of the most impressive, creative, and downright fun manicures spotted on models during New York Fashion Week’s Spring 2020 runway shows and presentations. The clothing may not be hitting stores for a few months, but nothing’s stopping you from getting these nail looks from your favorite salon right now.

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