The Future of Fitness Can Fit in Your Ear

For fitness geeks who think Apple Watches and FitBits are old school, or prefer not to have their wrists weighed down as they run, a clever solution has emerged. Smart, sweat-resistant earphones—called “hearables,” or wearable in-ear gadgets—not only deliver music from your smartphone without the fuss of wires.

They can also track your pulse, count steps, measure distance and pace, tally the flights of stairs you climb, figure out running routes, and estimate how many calories you’ve burned—data that help quantify your performance and inspire you to push yourself harder toward your next fitness goal.

“Wireless earbuds that provide feedback can be invaluable to keep someone training right and remaining consistent,” Toronto-based strength coach and writer Lee Boyce said. He’s heard positive things about the devices from clients, and sees them as supplementing traditional one-on-one sessions. “It’s an easier way to set and reach goals and a way to hold yourself accountable to them.”

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