The Health Benefits of Decaf Coffee and Tea, According to a Nutritionist

I’m coming out as a decaf drinker. I have long loved the aroma and flavor of coffee, as well as the comforting ritual of starting my day with a cup of Joe. But caffeine just didn’t agree with me. In addition to making me a bit anxious and irritating my digestive system, caffeine was wreaking serious havoc with my energy.

My personal situation is a bit unusual in that I split my time between New York City and Los Angeles, so I live in two different time zones, and I’m on a plane every other week. But many of my clients, who often travel for work or simply keep unconventional hours, struggle with the same issue: an erratic caffeine intake can lead to spikes and drops in energy that ultimately zap your get-up-and-go.

Like many of my clients, when I gave up caffeine, I felt better within days. I fell asleep faster and slept more soundly. My energy increased, and I felt more tuned in to my true energy level, unmasked by caffeine’s stimulating effect.

For me, ditching caffeine greatly improved my quality of life and overall wellness. But I was not about to give up my beloved coffee—or tea, for that matter. Fortunately there are delicious caffeine-free options for enjoying both, with health benefits to boot.

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