The secret to a radiant skin


Also known as Nilgiri tel, eucalyptus essential oil is obtained from the sweet-scented leaves of the eucalyptus tree. These leaves have antifungal, antimicrobial, and herbicidal properties. This oil can provide a plethora of health benefits. It has been used as a medicine for a long time now. The healing properties of this oil can potentially treat cold and congestion. Its use can clear your chest and provide relief from cold and cough. This essential oil can be used for therapeutic massages and can relax sore muscles. Even if you are suffering from dental problems, opt for this natural oil. It can treat your cavities, dental plaque and gingivitis. If you are keen to know about the beauty benefits that this essential oil offers, read further.

Treats acne

Due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, eucalyptus essential oil can potentially treat acne. It helps in killing bacteria that are responsible for clogging skin pores. Also, this oil prevents the bacteria from spreading. Not only this, eucalyptus essential oil dries the blemished area and provide relief to irritated skin. For better results, mix eucalyptus essential oil with apple cider vinegar and apply on the affected area. Its regular use can give you the required results.

Acts as a natural sunscreen

Having natural SPF 3, this essential oil works as a natural sunscreen. Also, when mixed with olive oil, the SPF increases and reaches to 8. So, the next time you want to head outside, don’t forget to apply this oil on your skin.

Helps in hair growth

Eucalyptus essential oil stimulates tiny hair follicles present in your scalp. This helps in promoting proper blood circulation in the area, which increases hair growth.

Removes lice and dandruff

Having bug repellent qualities and being a natural pesticide, eucalyptus essential oil can clean and moisturise your scalp. So, if you are using shampoos filled with chemicals to get rid of lice and dandruff and not getting the required result, try this essential oi. For better results, add a few drops of this oil in your regular shampoo and apply on your scalp.

Improves hair thickness

This oil can potentially bring shine to your hair and improve its thickness as well. But you need to make sure the amount you are using is not too much. Otherwise, it can backfire. According to experts, this oil should be used an hour before bathing. For better result, mix eucalyptus oil with olive oil and massage your scalp. This will stimulate blood flow and make your hair thick.

Provides relief from itchy scalp

Dryness is one of the main reasons behind itchy scalp. To treat this condition, mix regular white vinegar, eucalyptus oil and water. Now, apply this mixture on your hair and massage for a few minutes. Leave overnight for better results. Next morning, apply a shampoo followed by a conditioner. Rinse your hair with cold water. You can also mix neem oil with this essential oil for nourishing and moisturising your hair.

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