The surprising secret to beating back pain


Baby got back pain? It’s time for some booty work.

A strong butt is one of your best defenses against back pain, which affects 80 percent of the population, according to Chris Crowley and Jeremy James, authors of the new book “The Younger Next Year Back Book” (Workman).

Your behind “is the most overlooked aspect of back treatment,” James, a chiropractor in Aspen, Colo., tells The Post. “The big, powerful muscles in your buttocks were designed to help you do really important things, like pick things up or keep you erect while you’re walking. They were not meant to be cushions.”

When we make a habit of lazing about on our derrières, it leads to a phenomenon that Crowley, who co-writes the best-selling “Younger Next Year” book series, calls “gluteal amnesia.” “Your glutes are the big muscle, the biggest support to your back,” he tells The Post. But when they’re routinely under-exercised or over-sat-on “your butt goes to sleep. Your glutes turn into drapery.”

Besides ruining your shot at a decent belfie, weak glutes have a scary domino effect on the rest of your muscles in that region. When those big gluteal muscles aren’t fulfilling their destiny, smaller muscles in your backside try to make up the difference, Crowley explains. It’s a noble effort, but “those little guys aren’t up to the job,” resulting in strain, pain and a dangerous game of Jenga for your spine.

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