The surprising vegetable that can keep you healthy this winter


The winter is never a good time for diet or fitness plan, despite the very best intentions. In the face of abysmal weather and an abundance of hot treats, many give up on their wellness goals all-together.However, not all is lost, and there are still ways that you can stay healthy during the winter, including eating more mushrooms. Yes, mushrooms, the tasty veg that really doesn’t feel like a veg at all.

Speaking to, London-based personal trainer and founder of Right Path FitnessKeith McNiven divulged his five tips to staying on top of your game this winter, and love ’em or hate ’em, one way was eating more mushrooms.

‘You may not be the happiest with this option, but if you can stomach mushrooms, you should take the time to eat them,’ revealed Keith. ‘Mushrooms are filled with a wide selection of nutrients and vitamins which make them a good choice for use in winter cooking.’

Long overlooked in favour of leafy greens and warming winter squashes, mushrooms are extremely versatile in cooking, and are also fat-free, low in sodium, low-calorie and cholesterol-free.

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